9 Reasons to take a Sydney guided walk

When it comes to soaking up the iconic sights, sounds and scents of Sydney Harbour National Park, nothing beats exploring Sydney on foot. A walk through the natural bushland under the shady boughs of sprawling Sydney red gum trees provides you with the chance to escape bustling city life and enjoy the peaceful great outdoors, whilst getting some gentle exercise. Plus, this diverse ecosystem, home to a plethora of flora and fauna is only a 12-minute scenic ferry ride from the city, making it extremely accessible for all who live, work or travel here.

Whether you’re a local Sydneysider, overseas tourist or simply love walking, joining a Sydney guided walk like one run by EcoWalks Tours, is a fantastic way to explore the area, and visit the natural, cultural and historical sites of Sydney Harbour National Park.

Ready to start walking? Here’s nine great reasons why you should consider a Sydney walking tour rather than walking on your own.

Expert knowledge

One of the main attractions of joining a Sydney walking tour is to benefit from the expert knowledge of your local guide. Your guide will provide informative commentary about the native flora, fauna and history during your walk, whilst also point out interesting sites or historic relics along the way such as the Bradleys Head Gun Emplacements. Wondering where best to eat out or the best place to go snorkelling? No problem. Your guide can also give you the lowdown of local recommendations and other parts of Sydney worth visiting, rather than you having to rely on Google.

Seek out hidden gems

It’s not just the stunning Sydney Harbour or Sydney Opera House views you get to enjoy on a guided walking tour (although they are pretty spectacular). You can also discover the hidden gems and secrets spots that only locals know about. Whether that’s walking along a lesser known track to be rewarded with a spectacular view of Sydney Harbour Bridge, or discovering a secluded beach dotted with shallow rock pools, your local Sydney guide is a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into.

Walk through Sydney Harbour National Park with EcoWalks Tours

Meet new people

A Sydney walking tour also provides you with the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and travellers with the potential to form new friendships. You might be walking with people from other countries or find yourself walking with another Sydneysider who only lives up the road from you. With small group sizes, it’s far easier to get chatting to other walkers and share your walking experience together in this intimate group setting.

Support a small business

By walking with EcoWalks Tours, you are not only supporting a small business who loves what they do, you are also supporting the local community, whether that’s buying a coffee or enjoying lunch at a local café at the end of the walk. Above all, you will find that your guide is authentic, original and caring and nothing rewards them more than showing you their favourite sights or sharing special moments together.

Deeper understanding of the region

You can also gain a deeper understanding of the region and hear about the local history first-hand, rather than reading from a plaque or from a guidebook. Your guide is sure to have many entertaining stories to share with you and bring historic tales to life, making your tour even more memorable.

Puts your safety first

Walking guides will also put your safety first. They know the routes inside out so can point out any slippery steps to take your time on or identify specific things to look out for such as snakes or spitfire caterpillars to help you avoid injury.

Walk through Sydney Harbour National Park with EcoWalks Tours

Opportunity to explore somewhere new

Even if you’re a local, a walking tour can allow you to visit an area you’ve never been to before or see the walk with a fresh pair of eyes. Walking at different times of the year allows you to experience nature at its best, whether that’s a gorgeous display of flowers in full bloom in spring or a bubbling brook bursting to life after a heavy rainfall.

No worries about the route or getting lost

Worried about getting lost or stressed about getting back? Forget having to constantly check your map for the direction you need to walk next. Your Sydney walking tour guide has the route covered so all you need to worry about is turning up for your tour on time and following the leader to view the top sights. Your experienced guide can also let you know where you can fill up your water bottle, where the nearest toilets are and of course the best way to get back to your hotel or home if walking a one-way route.

It’s affordable and a fun day out

EcoWalks Tours are a fun and affordable day out for the whole family. If you’re looking for something new to do or an activity to occupy the kids then you should consider a walking tour. These tours in Sydney are especially good if you have friends or family in town and are looking for something a little different to entertain them besides the usual Royal Botanical Gardens, Hyde Park or exploring the Rocks district. Of course, you can capture your day out with countless photo opportunities along the way.

Ready to join a Sydney walking tour? Choose from either the 3-hour Georges Head Walk or the 4-hour Middle Head Battery Walk. You can also enquire about our private tours.

Written by Fiona Bennett at Bitesize Traveller.

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Walk through Sydney Harbour National Park with EcoWalks Tours

School Holiday Biodiversity Activity

Give the kids a school holiday activity they’ll never forget!

EcoWalker Bush Explorer Tours provide children aged 8 to 12 with a bush adventure finding invertebrates like bugs, beetles and spiders within Sydney Harbour National Park.

The kids will take on the role of a Bush Explorer and participate in a number of activities that investigates the special relationships between plants and animals.

Activities are focused on the NSW Stage 2 and Stage 3 curriculum and are conducted in a safe learning environment.

The location is Bradleys Head in Sydney Harbour National Park and these tours are from 10am to 1pm at a cost of $25 per child.

Limited places available on Wednesday 8th & 15th July during this upcoming school holiday!

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