Bring the Birds Back 

Bring the birds back to our streets. Whilst leading a walking tour of Middle Head bushland in Sydney Harbour National Park, a child asked me, “why don’t we see these little birds in our streets at home?” The children were marvelling at Silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis) and Variegated Fairywrens (Malurus lamberti) as they darted through the Heath Banksia (Banksia ericifolia). These children had never seen birds like this before and the reason we don’t see birds like these and others like them is simple. There is no habitat that offers them food or shelter in our streets. 

Silver EyeVariegated Fairywren

Rewilding Green Spaces

Improving habitat for bird life can be through biodiversity corridors. These do connect natural bushland and encourage an increase in diversity of plants and animals but are often complex projects that involve a multitude of bureaucracy. However, rewilding green spaces within your local community is an easier option. Whether it is in your own street across a few neighbouring balconies and gardens or maybe transforming an underutilised green space in the local park. You can plan and create a low-cost community garden where native plants, birds and people can interact.   

Mosman’s Native Garden

In Mosman, there’s a Discovery Garden of native plants that aims to encourage just that. The garden all started when a small group of community members came together and began to plan the transformation of an underutilised area of grass in Memory Park. Mosman Council gave the community initiative two green thumbs up and provided essential tools, mulch and native plants to get the native garden started. Some of the plant species found in the garden include: Large-leaf Bush Pea (Pultenaea daphnoides), Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea), Heath Banksia and even a Sydney Red Gum (Angophora costata). The diversity of native herbs, shrubs and trees selected for the Discovery Garden are found in the Sydney Harbour National Park. Perfect for providing essential habitat for a variety of rarely seen bird life.

Large-leaf Bush PeaHappy Wanderer

Create Your Own Native Garden

Although this garden is small, it will inevitably improve the connectivity between people of Mosman, bird life and the surrounding bushland. You too can create a low-cost native garden in your community just like this one and bring the birds back to your streets. All you need is inspiration.

For inspiration on how or learn more about Mosman’s Discovery Garden contact us here at EcoWalks Tours for more information.