Kids Bush Club in Mosman

Enhancing Kids Curiosity in Nature

A lot can be said about allowing children to be free to play in a natural environment. Nature based play encourages natural connectivity between children, plants and animals of all shapes and sizes. Providing children with a safe area of bushland with guided supervision enhances a child’s confidence and curiosity of the plants and animals. One way to enhance a child’s curiosity is through a scavenger hunt with their friends. This encourages them to spot, tally and ask questions about the range of plants and animals that they find. This leads into conversations around biodiversity, energy flows through food webs as well as conservation and habitat loss. 

What is Our Kids Bush Club?

Our kids Bush Club provides meaningful learning activities that engage children in nature based play. Throughout each school term, our staff conduct after school classes that improve a child’s knowledge about traditional life of First Australians and the plants and animals of the bushland and scrub. These classes include learning activities on bushwalking, plant identification, bird life, Indigenous culture, conservation, navigation, fieldcraft skills, safety and first aid as well as creative arts. Our Kids Bush Club enhances curiosity in children and develops their confidence to safely connect, enjoy and learn within a natural environment.  

kids learning in nature

Want to Learn More?

Our next Kids Bush Club is now open for term 3 bookings. We are very keen to hear from you and share with you more about our Kids Bush Club. So, get in touch with us to book your child into our program before the end of school holidays.