Camping in the wet

Bushcraft Workshop

Our Bushcraft Workshop teaches you the art of gathering and using natural resources and camp equipment to thrive outdoors.

It doesn’t matter whether you come to our beginners workshop with no or little knowledge of bushcraft. We’ll teach you essential skills with minimal gear to get you outdoors and enjoy Sydney’s bushland safely. This workshop has been designed by our staff at EcoWalks Tours.

What’s involved in the Bushcraft Workshop?

This workshop is a hands on outdoor experience located in Crosslands Reserve. This workshop is ideal for individuals, families as well as private and corporate groups.

We provide learning activities for the following:

  • Basic knot tying
  • Foraging for edibles
  • Start a campfire
  • Filter drinking water
  • Build a temporary shelter

Next workshop is scheduled for Saturday 12th October 10am to 2pm.

Perfect for young and old at heart!

Use the ‘Book Now‘ button to book on our upcoming bushcraft workshop.

CHILD (7-16 YEARS) Must be accompanied by supervising adults

Advanced Overnight Camping Course

In this course you’ll learn skills that will help you become the best version of Bear Grylls you can be!

This overnight course is ideal for learning different ways of navigating and using Sydney’s bushland to make any overnight stay outdoors enjoyable and comfortable.

This course includes:

  • Advanced knot tying
  • Compass navigation
  • Topographic maps
  • Risk assessment
  • Survival techniques
  • National Parks fees
  • Overnight camping fees

Perfect for family bonding as well as those seeking deeper learning for outdoor living.

Contact our office for further information on this course and bookings. Email us at or call us on 0406787684.

CHILD (12 -16 YEARS) Must be accompanied by supervising adults

March’s Bushcraft Workshop 2024. We are looking forward to our May workshop. Hope to see you there!

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