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Accredited Tour Guide

Hi there, my name is Alan Toner and welcome to EcoWalks Tours, Sydney.

As an accredited NSW Parks Eco Pass tour guide I specialise in providing visitors with informative commentary about the native flora and fauna as well as the historic relics within Sydney Harbour National ParkAlso, I am really proud of achieving an EcoTourism Certification with EcoTourism Australia.  With this recognition as an eco friendly tourism business, visitors are assured that I provide authentic and meaningful interpretation and commentary within my walking tours.

Connections to Nature

I love showing visiting families and their friends as well as travelers to Sydney the amazing natural heritage of Sydney Harbour. In particular, the wonderful and unique flora and fauna, sea cliffs and beaches of this beautiful place.

Local Knowledge

There is no need for maps and guidebooks with me. I am a return from active service soldier, a geography teacher at Mosman High School and I have a professional background in adventure tourism on Sydney Harbour too. So, I have deep knowledge of the local ecology, the Borogegal People, local history of Mosman and Sydney’s military history too.

Check out what Sustainable Guides and Sydney Observer Magazine published about me.

Sustainability Through Minimal Impact Practices

EcoWalks Tours applies the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles to guide the operations of walking tours in the Sydney Harbour National Park and the surrounding area. We use the following to ensure an ecotourism framework is applied throughout every visit to Sydney Harbour National Park.

Leave What is Found

  • Brief customers on the importance of leaving natural flora and fauna where they found it
  • Take photographs to remember what was found

Respect Wildlife

  • Brief customers on the importance of respecting the local wildlife to ensure there is no harm to animals
  • Limit noise to ensure local wildlife are no impacted by visitors passing through
  • Maintain group supervision at all times to ensure there is no unwanted interactions between people and local fauna
  • Ensure all customers use the footpath and boardwalks available

Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Encourage customers to use waste bins provided
  • Take a container on all tours to hold any waste and dispose of appropriately at a later time

Be Considerate of Other Visitors

  • Share the natural surroundings with other park guests
  • Give way to others on footpath
  • Offer and provide assistance to others who are in need

See You Soon

So, when you’re thinking about going for a walk in nature or just want to simply learn more about Sydney’s history, then join me on an EcoWalk Tour of Sydney Harbour National Park.