School Holiday Bush Explorers

Guide showing children wattle
EcoWalker Bush Explorer Learning Activity
Guide shows kids how wood decays
Tour guide, Alan points out lichen
EcoWalker Bush Explorer

School Holiday Bush Explorers



School Holiday Bush Explorers

Let the kids run wild during the upcoming school holidays

School holiday ‘bush Explorers’ are the bee’s knees. Our EcoWalker Bush Explorer Tours offer children a unique learning experiences in the great outdoors.

EcoWalker Bush Explorers learn about the importance of plants to the local animals. In particular, they will learn about invertebrates by asking questions about beetles, bugs and spiders and learn about where they live and what they eat?

School Holiday Fun

EcoWalker Bush Explorer Tours are designed around the learning framework within the NSW Stage 2 and Stage 3 curriculum. Therefore, children experience a learning environment that is engaging, differentiated and meaningful.

Only available during school holidays! 




Tour Reviews

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Thank you for giving the children an entertaining educational experience in the Sydney bush.
Everyone loved the details you showed us particularly the delicate wild flowers.
We also enjoyed learning about the unique animals in the area.
We will definitely be back!
Thank you!!!

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