Outdoor Learning

Quality Educational Programs

EcoWalks Tours provide a range of learning activities designed to encourage young people to engage with nature and explore their surroundings.

Natural Connections

Learn how the local flora and fauna interact and influence the natural environment. Also, what the challenges of removing invasive plant species as well as restoring native plant species such as the Sunshine Wattle.

When War Came to Sydney

Kids get called into action as they identify and role play events leading up to and including the night when war came to Sydney during WWII.

Historic Relics

Learn about the colonial architects who built gun emplacements, tunnels and fortifications designed to protect Sydney against foreign forces.

Iconic Sites Visited

Stage 6 Geography Biophysical Interactions Excursion

Students will undertake a geographical investigation of biophysical processes and their interactions within Sydney Harbour National Park. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of geographic factors that influence the abiotic and biotic interactions through fieldwork.

Aboriginal Heritage

EcoWalks Tours provides cultural immersion activities in partnership with the Gaimaragal Group to enhance visitor knowledge and respect for Australian Aboriginal culture and connection to Country.

Join our Gai-mariagal Festival Walk and Talk tour.

EcoWalker Bush Explorer School Holiday Tours

Vacation care excursions and incursions through Fun Day Out are available to cater for children aged 7 to 12 years of age. These excursions provide meaningful learning activities for young people to learn about interconnections within the local ecology, aboriginal heritage and military history whilst having fun.

Contact us to book an environmental education program activity and experience the natural, traditional, social and cultural heritage of Sydney Harbour National Park

EcoWalker Bush Explorers Spotting Toadlets