Personal Connections 

EcoWalks Tours welcomes visitors to Sydney Harbour National Park from all around the world.

EcoWalks Tours is a locally based accredited NSW Parks Eco Pass guided tour operation in Sydney Harbour National Park and established out of enjoyment for the conservation of this place.

As the founder of EcoWalks Tours, I strive for excellence by providing visitors with in-depth knowledge of the ecological features and historical aspects of the park during my guided tours.

Connecting and learning about the natural, social, historical and traditional heritage of Sydney Harbour National Park and the surrounding suburb of Mosman is a wonderful past time in which I enjoy sharing with visitors.

There are so many hidden secrets awaiting for you to discover on a tour with me. One of my favourite places to show visitors is the sandstone gully and headland of Taylors Bay to Chowder Bay. In this area you can find the blue lizards bathing in the sun on lichen covered rocks to the small vibrant mauve crowea flowering shrubs among the sunshine wattles blooming under the shade of the Sydney red gums. Sharing this place as well as other sites within the park with visitors brings me great joy and I would like to invite you to come and see for yourself.

So, join me and be guided by my personal connections, experiences and knowledge of the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Sydney Harbour Views

Are you wanting to get outside and explore Sydney Harbour?

EcoWalks Tours is a locally based accredited NSW Parks Eco Pass guided tour operation in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

We pride ourselves in providing scenic and educational tours that respects the natural, historical and social heritage of Sydney Harbour National Park.

Although, we are temporarily closed due to current social distancing regulations, you can still purchase no expiry gift cards for future tours.

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Sydney Harbour EcoWalks Tours has had a rough start to 2020

As a recent start up business at the end of 2019, EcoWalks Tours not only had to face the challenges of a new business but was hampered by the periodic closure of Sydney Harbour National Park due to the high risk of fire danger.

Although the Sydney Harbour National Park was closed and a downturn in tourism due to fire danger and poor air pollution in Sydney, EcoWalks Tours collaborated with the Northern Beaches Council Manly Information Centre and Sydney hotels and hostels to boost its profile in the local area. As a result, EcoWalks Tours began conducting tours for a range of local and interstate visitors.

However, just when business was taking a positive turn, the Sydney Harbour National Park was closed once again in late March due to the COVID19 pandemic social distancing regulations. In order to keep business expenses low and taking precautionary steps, EcoWalks Tours temporarily closed on 31 March 2020.

Winning this year’s Local Business Award will boost EcoWalks Tours’ profile in the local and regional tourism industry and therefore, encourage more visitors to come and learn about the natural, social and historical heritage within Sydney Harbour National Park.

So, would you please take the time to click on the link below and vote for EcoWalks Tours for the ‘New Business’ category in the Local Business Awards 2020.

Thank you,

Alan Toner

Founder of EcoWalks Tours

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Beehive Battery, Georges Head

In 1871, James Barnet of the Colonial Architects Office in Sydney designed this harbour fortification.

This battery was constructed out of the sandstone sea cliffs of Georges Head to house three 10 inch smooth bored 68 pounder guns.

These emplacements domes were cut out of the solid rock with a small opening through the cliff for each gun.

Also, the field of fire for each gun was very limited. The battery was designed to protect a only small section of the western channel in the harbour.

So, join EcoWalks Tours for a scenic and educational walking tour of Sydney Harbour National Park to visit and learn about such historic relics like the Beehive Battery of Georges Head.

Sunshine Wattle

Acacia Terminalis Terminalis

What a pleasant walk it was guiding today’s tour group through the Sydney Harbour National Park from Athol Bay to Georges Head.

The Sunshine Wattle is a native plant that is considered to be endangered. Sightings of this wattle are rare and you are unlikely to find it in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

However, on our Georges Head Walk tour today we saw this Sunshine Wattle not far off the track. Although, it is believed to be endangered due to hybrid species populating the area, there are still opportunities to spot a true Sunshine Wattle.

Join our EcoWalks Tours for a scenic and educational experience whilst visiting the Sydney Harbour National Park.


School Holiday Bush Explorers

Here is a way to keep the kids busy this school holidays!

During this upcoming school holidays EcoWalks Tours is hosting a Bush Explorers Day.

This day offers children aged 8 to 12 years old meaningful learning experiences about the local ecosystems and biodiversity in Sydney Harbour National Park.

Only 12 places available this school holidays on Wednesday 22 April 2020.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Queen Victoria Regina Cypher Engraving

Queen Victoria was known to British settlers in Australia as a figure of strength that empowered the colonial states of Australia to govern themselves into a new era.

On 23 August 1870 the last of the British troops departed Sydney Harbour and the colony was forced to implement strategies to maintain its own defences.

As part of the ‘Denison Plan’ to protect Sydney Harbour the Bradleys Head Battery was constructed and completed in the year 1871.

This construction was conducted under the supervision of Colonial Architect James Barnet who designed and oversaw multiple fortifications within Sydney Harbour during this time.

As a result, Bradleys Head Battery was set to protect Sydney Harbour with 3 smooth-bored muzzle loading 68 pounder guns which were situated in their gun emplacements with adjoining trenches, tunnels and powder magazines.

The Queen Victoria Regina Cypher seen in this image is engraved into the southern wall of one of the gun emplacements at Bradleys Head Battery to serve as a reminder to the Australian colony of Queen Victoria’s monarchy and Australia’s sovereignty to the British Empire.

Join EcoWalks Tours and be guided by our knowledgeable staff through the historic relics in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Georges Head Engravings

Recently in Sydney Harbour National Park, historic rock engravings were uncovered at Georges Head through extensive land regeneration initiatives by NSW Parks and Wildlife Services.

As a result of removing plants like the asparagus and fishbone weeds away from the sandstone rocks in this area, the NSW Park’s staff have uncovered engravings like this kangaroo that are thought to of been made by solders stationed here during World War II.

Now, you can visit historic relics like this engraving when you book a guided walking tour with EcoWalks Tours.

Australia Day

Celebrate ‘Straya Day’ 2020 by joining our walking tour along the shores of Sydney Harbour. You are invited to learn about Bradleys Head and how it got its name as well as British Colonialist and the Borogegal People of Sydney Harbour.