Chowder Bay

The area of Chowder Bay was used for a whaling industry and the whales would make fish chowder from the oysters and pipis found in this bay.

In 1832, a wealthy American whaler named Captain Cliffe purchased the Government Gardens and built a home called Cliffeton. Hence the name, Clifton Gardens.

As a result of the increasing numbers of day excursionists to Chowder Bay there was an improvement to the facilities in Clifton Gardens that included a huge pavilion. So, in 1920 an upper deck and a lower deck was constructed which was fantastic for jumping or diving off into the shark proof enclosure.

Valentine’s Day

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Bradelys 68 Pounder

In 1855 Governor Denison approved plans to construct multiple fortifications in Port Jackson as a result of the Crimea War in 1854.

As part of the ‘Denison Plan’ to protect Sydney Harbour the Bradleys Head Battery was constructed, enhanced and was finally completed in the year of 1871.

In 1871, Bradleys Head Battery had the smooth bored Muzzle 68 pounder guns situated in pits with adjoining trenches, tunnels and powder magazines. These large guns had the capacity to accurately fire a ball up to 1000m.

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Crimson Bottlebrush

The Crimson Bottlebrush is a vibrant flowering shrub the produces many spiked red flowers that appear cyclical along the stems. The Crimson Bottlebrush can be found in the Sydney Harbour Naitonal Park and is an absolute winner when it rains.

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