What animals will I see whilst walking along the track of Sydney Harbour National Park?

EcoWalks Tours encourages clients to be mindful to lookup, around as well as down to catch a glimpse of our local animal species such as the rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras, splendid fairy wren, New Holland honeyeaters or perhaps a sea eagle, water dragon or even a blue tongue lizard.

What historic relics will I see whilst walking along the track of Sydney Harbour National Park?

There are a range of historic relics for you to visit and learn about. These included but are not limited to Athol Hotel, Bradleys Head Battery, Taylor Bay Japanese midget submarine site, Chowder Bay Submariners, Georges Head Armoured Casemate, Beehive Fortification, Obelisk Battery built in 1801 and Middle Head Outer Harbour Fortification and so much more.

How do I get there?

EcoWalks Tours encourages customers to catch the Sydney Ferries service which departs Circular Quay every 30 minutes. After a short ride aboard the ferry you will arrive at Athol Wharf Road in Mosman. Simply, disembark the ferry and walk up the exit ramp to Athol Wharf Road and just turn right to walk up the hill. Look out for your EcoWalks’ guide as your tour will be departing at 10am.

What should I wear?

All customers are encouraged to wear weather appropriate clothing. This includes but is not limited to a hat, sunscreen, enclosed shoes that provide effective support to walk a moderate distance. Also, consider wearing long sleeves and pants to reduce the risk of sun exposure and if necessary, wet weather gear which may include a rain jacket.

What should I bring with me along to the tour?

There are filtered water fountains to refill your water bottles along the track. You may want to think about lite snacks to sustain your energy whilst out on the walking tour too.

Are there footpaths to walk on?

Our walk is along unpaved and paved narrow to wide footpaths which has at times sandstone stairs, rocks and tree roots extending along the trail. These maybe at times steep and somewhat of a trip hazard to you and you are going to need to always take care when using the trails.

Walking Trails in the Sydney Harbour National Park

Are there any sea cliffs or steep terrain?

During our walk we will be using the footpath provided, and at times this footpath has steep stairs and will go in near proximity to steep drop offs, sea cliffs as well as near the circular pits within the fortifications. Whilst using the footpath we will need to use caution as it is of utmost importance that you maintain a safe distance of 2 meters or more away from these edges at all times to reduce the risk of injury.

Do I need to be fit to do this walk?

A moderate level of fitness and mobility is required for EcoWalks Tours. Although our tours are at a relaxed walking pace, it is essential that all customers are physically and mentally sound to complete the tour without impeding the operations of the tour.

Whilst visiting the Sydney Harbour National park are there any dangerous wildlife?

Although rarely sighted, if we do happen to see a snake on the footpath then we would simply back away from it slowly. There is a good chance that the snake is just passing through and you will need to wait for it to move on before proceeding.

Are there toilet facilities available?

Yes, there are toilets available along the track for you to use when nature calls.

Does EcoWalks Tours have a licenced permit to conduct tours in the Sydney Harbour National Park?

Yes, EcoWalks Tours and staff maintain a ‘Parks Eco Pass’ are permitted to conduct walking tours in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Can the tour be cancelled if the weather is bad?

EcoWalks Tours will proceed regardless of weather conditions except in hazardous weather conditions. If hazardous weather is forecasted to occur during the scheduled tour then EcoWalks tours will notify you of the cancellation.

Are EcoWalks Tours appropriate for children under 18 years of age.

EcoWalks Tours are family friendly, however, children under 18 years old are to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Furthermore, EcoWalks Tours provides educational experiences for all children within specific vacation care programs that are available as a group booking. Yet, if you have young children and are unsure whether our tours are appropriate, then contact us for further information.