Queen Victoria Regina Cypher Engraving

Queen Victoria was known to British settlers in Australia as a figure of strength that empowered the colonial states of Australia to govern themselves into a new era.

On 23 August 1870 the last of the British troops departed Sydney Harbour and the colony was forced to implement strategies to maintain its own defences.

As part of the ‘Denison Plan’ to protect Sydney Harbour the Bradleys Head Battery was constructed and completed in the year 1871.

This construction was conducted under the supervision of Colonial Architect James Barnet who designed and oversaw multiple fortifications within Sydney Harbour during this time.

As a result, Bradleys Head Battery was set to protect Sydney Harbour with 3 smooth-bored muzzle loading 68 pounder guns which were situated in their gun emplacements with adjoining trenches, tunnels and powder magazines.

The Queen Victoria Regina Cypher seen in this image is engraved into the southern wall of one of the gun emplacements at Bradleys Head Battery to serve as a reminder to the Australian colony of Queen Victoria’s monarchy and Australia’s sovereignty to the British Empire.

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Georges Head Engravings

Recently in Sydney Harbour National Park, historic rock engravings were uncovered at Georges Head through extensive land regeneration initiatives by NSW Parks and Wildlife Services.

As a result of removing plants like the asparagus and fishbone weeds away from the sandstone rocks in this area, the NSW Park’s staff have uncovered engravings like this kangaroo that are thought to of been made by solders stationed here during World War II.

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Bradelys 68 Pounder

In 1855 Governor Denison approved plans to construct multiple fortifications in Port Jackson as a result of the Crimea War in 1854.

As part of the ‘Denison Plan’ to protect Sydney Harbour the Bradleys Head Battery was constructed, enhanced and was finally completed in the year of 1871.

In 1871, Bradleys Head Battery had the smooth bored Muzzle 68 pounder guns situated in pits with adjoining trenches, tunnels and powder magazines. These large guns had the capacity to accurately fire a ball up to 1000m.

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