Georges Head Engravings

Recently in Sydney Harbour National Park, historic rock engravings were uncovered at Georges Head through extensive land regeneration initiatives by NSW Parks and Wildlife Services.

As a result of removing plants like the asparagus and fishbone weeds away from the sandstone rocks in this area, the NSW Park’s staff have uncovered engravings like this kangaroo that are thought to of been made by solders stationed here during World War II.

Now, you can visit historic relics like this engraving when you book a guided walking tour with EcoWalks Tours.

Chowder Bay

The area of Chowder Bay was used for a whaling industry and the whales would make fish chowder from the oysters and pipis found in this bay.

In 1832, a wealthy American whaler named Captain Cliffe purchased the Government Gardens and built a home called Cliffeton. Hence the name, Clifton Gardens.

As a result of the increasing numbers of day excursionists to Chowder Bay there was an improvement to the facilities in Clifton Gardens that included a huge pavilion. So, in 1920 an upper deck and a lower deck was constructed which was fantastic for jumping or diving off into the shark proof enclosure.